September 2020

Dear BSidesSLC Participants,

Thank you for your support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For anyone who purchased a ticket for the BSidesSLC 2020 event, we will have your items available for pickup on Friday September 25th, 2020 between the hours of 10am thru 5pm, at the following location:

2901 Bluegrass Blvd., Suite 200-36

Lehi, UT 84043

Please come to the Second Floor on the South East corner of the building.

Mandatory Face Coverings (e.g. properly masking nose and mouth) and Social Distancing best practices (e.g. 6 feet apart) will be enforced. Anyone violating these policies will be required to depart from the facility and will forfeit any rights to the items previously purchased.

You will need proof of ticket purchase (e.g. the email with the eventbrite ticket information and/or QR code) and a valid US government issued ID at the time of the pickup.

If you are unable to pick-up your items on this day and time, we will have a form after the event on this website available for 30 days, where you can request the items be shipped to a Continental United States (CONUS) location. This will be executed on a best effort basis, before the end of the year. All risk associated with the items being broken during shipping will be solely accepted by the participant requesting the items to be shipped (e.g. we will not reimburse if items arrive in a broken state). We apologize in advance if the electric badges break during shipping. When designing these items, we never anticipated that we would need to ship them at a future date.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please join slack and post them to the #general channel for the fastest response times, alternatively send us an email to:

Thank you for your continued support, we really appreciate it,

-Bryce | President


BSidesSLC - By The People, For The People!

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March 2020

Dear BSidesSLC Participants,


The official BSidesSLC 2020 event will occur virtually on Friday March 20th and Saturday March 21st over Zoom. Anyone who has purchased a valid ticket for the BsidesSLC 2020 event, will receive the video conference information to the event on the morning of Friday March 20th via email. Check your spam for other BSides emails to ensure delivery.  The new schedule for the event is available HERE. We are also planning to provide a CTF remotely and have prizes shipped to the winners. If you purchased anything above the General Admission (GA) ticket (e.g. electronic badges, polo, etc...) you will be invited to a networking event in the future where you will be able pick up your items. This will occur whenever it is reasonably safe to do so, hopefully sometime later this year.


If you have any questions and/or concerns, please join slack and post them to the #general channel for the fastest response times, alternatively send us an email to: We really appreciate everyone's continued support as we work through these recent world developments. We stay committed to our core values and are overwhelmed by the kindness & support we have received from the community!


Thank you for your continued support, I really appreciate it,

-Bryce | President


BSidesSLC - By The People, For The People!

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The code is valid from 3/20/20 - 4/4/20.

BSidesSLC 2020!

Build, Break, Network,

Learn, & Give Back!   

Near Salt Lake City, Utah and world-class ski slopes!
Friday, March 20, 2020 - Trainings
Saturday, March 21, 2020 - Conference

BSidesSLC 2020

Learn, Train, Compete, & Network
March 2020

Trainings - Friday March 20th, 2020

Hands-On Trainings - Learn how to become cyber ninjas!

 Trainings (AKA Workshops) including options like:

  • Whitebox Webapp Exploit Dev (WWED)

  • The Ultimate Secure Coding Throwdown

  • Basic Malware Analysis for Absoute Beginners

  • and more!

Trainings at BSidesSLC operate in the following manor:

  • To attend a workshop, you will need:​

    1. A paid ticket for the BSidesSLC Event ( e.g. General Admission (GA) ticket.

    2. You will also need to physically be seated in the room at the start time of the course.

  • All No-Show(s) seats will be given away on a ​first come, first served basis.

  • A No-Show is defined as an individual who is not physically in a seat at the class's start time.

    • It is highly recommended to be early (15 to 30 minutes) to avoid losing your seat!

The Conference - Saturday, March 21, 2020

Capture The Flag (CTF) - Hack the targets, get the flags, and win!

Communities - Interact with Hands-on cybersecurity communities.

Communities (AKA Villages) will enable participants to interact w/ others with similar interests.

Choose from the following communities:

  • RFID/NFC Village

  • Mental Health Hackers

  • Living Security Escape Room

  • 801Labs - Password Cracking

Sessions - Quality cybersecurity speakers and content.

Sesisons including options like:

  • Domain Password Audit Tool

  • Security Operations as a Video Game 

  • Rendering Ransomware Detection and EDR Products Blind

  • and more!



About BSidesSLC

What is BSidesSLC?

For the People, By the People!

BSidesSLC is a Community driven Cyber Security event tailored to help individuals who have an interest in learning more about Cyber Security. When people connect, relationships are forged that strengthen our community and enhance individual careers. So come and strike up invigorating conversations with cyber security professionals!





CTF Challenges




2020 Sponsors

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Want to become a Sponsor?

We have built a 501(c)(3) NonProfit organization called the "Utah Cybersecurity Society" in order to move effectively run events like BSidesSLC and help out within the local cybersecurity community.

This means that (in the US) we can now receive tax-deductible donations! 

Please consider helping out the local cybersecurity community by becoming a sponsor:​

Sponsorship Prospectus for the BSidesSLC 2020 Event

Thank you for your support!​


The Venue

Karen Gail Miller

Conference Center

Sandy, Utah

(near Salt Lake City, Utah)


9750 S 300 W, Sandy, Utah 84070 

9750 S 300 W

Sandy, Utah 84070

By The People,

For The People!

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